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I decided to name my blog www Elmaz Com after a popular web resourse www Elmaz Com that helps lonely people meet each other. www Elmaz Com is the place where I met my girlfriend. We split up and I didn't try to date anyone else since then. Currently I'm trying to find out as much as I can about loneliness and I post all my findings here. So far, looks like www Elmaz Com is a great resourse that not just helps people meet but also protects their health. Read my www Elmaz Com weblog to learn why.

Loneliness Spreads from Person to Person

www Elmaz Com Loneliness and actually being alone are different things, many people have learned it (www elmaz com visitors must be aware of it better that others). Many people feel terribly lonely at parties, cerebrations and other places with many people around. Moreover, the feeling of loneliness becomes particularly unbearable and sharp at such places.

This phenomenon is explained by scientists, experts in social science and neuroscience, in the new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The study disproves the common concept that loneliness is a self-contained emotional condition and sees it as a a social phenomenon.

A short deviation: in this respect, again, I thought about other social networks, not just www Elmaz Com... Are they actually the channel transmitting loneliness from person to person? I don't think a person who is not lonely would spend time on social networks at all...So does www Elmaz Com really make people feel happier?

John Cacioppo, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, considers that loneliness can spread through society like a contagious disease, from person to person. Other researchers from the team have already completed a series of studies and found that behaviors and emotional states, such as happiness, quitting smoking and obesity can propagate like an epidemic throughout a network of people. So will www elmaz com really save you from loneliness?

I won't go into too much detail of the study but the results sound astonishing, especially for www elmaz com members: If one person reported feeling lonely at a certain evaluation period, the people he was closely connected with (close friends, family) were 52% more likely to also report loneliness two years later. The dependence was most obvious among people in close relationships, and slackened as the connections became more distant, but remained significant in connection chains with up to three degrees of separation. The conclusion: one lonely person can make his friend's friend's friend feel lonely. In this connection, Cacioppo thinks that loneliness is an indicator of the social health rather than that a reflection of the emotional state of a single one person.

The explanation how exactly loneliness becomes catchy is based on the negative emotions and mistrust which they express by the means of hurtful remarks, facial expressions, uninviting body postures and other means (In fact, the photos of many people at www elmaz com looked exactly that way, or maybe it was just my own negative perception?) People who feel lonely perceive the world around them as more threatening, often unconsciously. When a person starts to treat hi friend negatively, they actually stop being friends but formally remain friends. The other person start to treat other people with more negativeness, and this way it transmits. Conclusion: treating loneliness requires not just individual but social therapy for patients.

So I wondered if loneliness is spreading through the network of www Elmaz Com members in the same way?